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As a result of the growing demand for IT specialists, Integral Soft, develops its own academic base for training young programmers. Do you want to take the first steps in the IT world, or deepen into modern programming techniques? We offer you a wide range of courses, which will allow you to develop websites and various applications.

Integral Soft


Organizing SEO campaigns, developing professional profiles on social networks, and creating your own campaigns, this are the main directions you can learn at marketing courses.


Learning programming languages from simple to advanced, development of logic and analytical thinking, development of personal deskotp and web applications, are the main objectives of the programming courses.


The steps needed to open a business, IT project management, staff selection skills, and resource management, all this in our management courses.


We develope with passion

We consulte to find the best way

We are looking for optimal solutions

Time savings and competence

Available courses

C programming

50€/1 month
  • # Introduction in programming
  • # Analitycal skills
  • # Console applications development
  • # Evaluation

C++ programming

70€/1 month
  • # Initiation in OOP programming
  • # The basics of modern programming
  • # Application development
  • # Evaluation

C# programming

200€/2 months
  • # Advanced programming language
  • # From basics to advanced
  • # Desktop application development
  • # Evaluation


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